Why was the stock market positive yesterday?
Why was the stock market positive yesterday?

Asa Khabar _ A capital market expert, referring to the upward trend of the stock market index in yesterday's trading, announced the factors that influenced the growth of this market.

“Jalal Rouhi” today (Tuesday) in an interview, stating that the stock index in yesterday’s trading due to the published news, showed a positive reaction and was on the rise, said: The first positive news, holding a closed meeting in The parliament was attended by members of parliament, the Minister of Economy and the Governor of the Central Bank, which was able to have a positive impact on market trends.

Rouhi added: “The second news was the holding of a meeting of the heads of the three powers on Sunday, where the importance of the capital market and the direction of liquidity to this market were discussed and they had a consensus on market growth.”

The capital market expert pointed out: The third case was holding a meeting of the country’s holding mining companies, which was held in the presence of the chairman of the parliamentary commission and officials of the stock exchange organization and formed a joint investment fund of 3 trillion tomans of mining companies and related industrial groups. They will play in this regard.

According to him, these three news were among the important news that were transmitted to the market and were able to have a positive impact on the market trend.

Rouhi said: “Technical studies of the market trend show the good position of the stock index at the support point, which was waiting for positive news to take the market out of the shock and excitement, so holding recent meetings coincides with the good position of the stock index.” It was supposed to push the market out of emotional sell-offs and long sell queues.

The capital market expert noted: “What happened yesterday was a meeting held in the parliament with the presence of the speaker, the minister of economy and finance, the governor of the central bank and the managers of the stock exchange organization who monitored the market and made decisions to improve the market.” This issue showed a special convergence in the elements of the system and caused the market excitement to drain and the stock market index to grow again.

He added: “On the other hand, small and medium-sized companies were somewhat under pressure to sell because marketing operations, the sale of subsidiary securities and the purchase of treasury bills have not yet been implemented in them.”

Rouhi added: “Finally, out of a total of 60 symbols that were traded in the market, about 5 symbols were traded in a positive and balanced manner, and another 400 symbols were seen in the sales queue and were traded with a negative trend.”

The capital market expert said: “Assessing the situation of the homogeneous index compared to the previous days shows a decrease in the negative percentage of this index and promises that if the market trend continues in this way, market transactions will be out of emotional form.”

He said: “What is clear in the trading of small and medium-sized stocks in the market, the value of sales queues amounted to four thousand billion tomans in five symbols, which is expected to decrease the sales queue of these few shares today.”

He pointed to the reopening of refinery stocks and said: “Refinery stocks can have a good reopening due to the good quarterly report they had and on the other hand due to the announcement of capital increase from the accumulated profit to the market, which can calm the market.” Reach and balance the movement of stock exchanges to overcome the resistance of 1.6 million units.

Rouhi added: “On the other hand, the approval of the sale and purchase of treasury shares, which has been announced by companies in recent days, can give a guarantee to shareholders to invest in this market with peace of mind.”

The capital market expert noted that the approval of some decisions in last Thursday’s meeting regarding the portfolio of legal entities, the purchase of legal entities and the allocation of one percent of the National Development Fund to the Market Stability Fund affect the market process and cause liquidity to return to this. Enter the market.

He said that in the market yesterday, unlike the previous days, when the inflow of liquidity was negative, more than one thousand billion tomans of liquidity entered the market, he said: “Yesterday, the outflow of money from the funds was high, which will definitely lead to buying stocks.” It will go according to the value and good price they found.

Rouhi pointed out: From the beginning of this year to September 26, we had about 4 thousand billion tomans of cash inflow into the market, while the outflow of liquidity at that time was about 25 thousand billion tomans, which shows the superiority of cash inflows over its outflow and If the market returns to good days, we will see the return of liquidity to the stock market.

The capital market expert said: “It seems that we will have a good autumn in stock trading this year. The stock index on the channel will have 1.650 million resistance units, which if the refineries open well and the trading trend is as positive today as yesterday.” The stock index will exceed this number.

He said: “It seems that the increase in the price of the dollar will affect the shares of refining companies and they will reopen at a reasonable price, which will cause the stock market index to exceed one million and 650 thousand units.”

Rouhi stressed that if the stock trading trend is positive in the next two days and the equilibrium index and small companies are on the rise with the help of the growth of the stock index, the stock index will cross the channel of one million and 3 thousand units and the market will be more It will tend to buy, which can stabilize the stock index on the channel of one million and 3 thousand units, and over time breaks the rest of the resistance and achieves a significant number for the stock index.

The capital market expert said: “The number of two million units for the stock market index is considered as psychological resistance in order to reach the next ceiling, which all requires the behavior of capital market participants and the conditions prevailing in the market.”