Trump gave a blow to the World Health Organization!
Trump gave a blow to the World Health Organization!

Asa khabar: The US President threatened that if the World Health Organization does not prove its independence from China within 30 days, the financial aid, which does not exist at all, will cancel its membership in this organization.

On his Twitter page, US President Donald Trump published a copy of a letter sent to the head of the World Health Organization, Tehdros Adhanum, indicating the continuation of Washington’s hostile policy towards this institution.

In this letter, he threatens the World Health Organization if within 30 days, the situation does not improve as it should; Not only is the United States permanently suspending its funding; It will also reconsider its membership.

Last month (April), Trump’s budget for the World Health Organization on charges of being “China-centric”; He suspended it, claiming that it had ignored the risk of the Corona virus spreading.

In a letter to the World Health Organization, Trump claims that the only way forward for this institution is to prove its independence from China!

He also criticized the organization for praising China’s transparency on the corona issue, claiming that “the Beijing government is anything but transparent.”

The World Health Organization, in turn, accuses the United States and Brazil of ignoring early warnings of a corona outbreak.

The United States has previously criticized the World Health Organization for refusing to attend Taiwan’s presence at the Corona Virtual Summit, but in a recent letter claimed that the organization had deliberately warned Taiwanese experts that the virus could be transmitted from human to human. Ignored.

The accusation against the World Health Organization and China comes as the death toll in the United States approaches 100,000, with many believing that Trump intends to deceive public opinion and take responsibility for failing to contain the disease.