۵ to 13 million Tomans reduction in car prices in one week
۵ to 13 million Tomans reduction in car prices in one week

Asa Khabar - An Asa reporter's field survey of the capital car market shows a drop of five to 13 million tomans in the price of domestic and assembled cars over the past week. Each Pride 131 car was sold today for 92 million tomans.

Experts say that since about Monday last week (September 8), the car market has calmed down and prices have been declining.

According to them, the current prices of cars are false, and especially people who own cars announce tasteful, unrealistic and high prices to customers.

This is while in practice there is no news about the real buyer.

According to  Asa, today, compared to last week, each Tiba cash register and Saina from 110 million Tomans to 105 million Tomans, Samand L. X decreased by 6 million Tomans to 160 million Tomans and Haima S7 Iran-Khodro decreased by 13 million Tomans to 620 million Tomans.

Emphasizing that customers should not pay any attention to virtual networks in announcing prices, some exhibitors believe that if customers are patient and spend more time in the market, they can buy the car they want by bargaining at more reasonable prices.

“The union never announces the market price of cars, but it has been seen many times that some sites publish their favorite prices quoting the union,” said the president of the Capital Auto Dealers Association.

“Saeed Motameni” emphasized: “Despite the removal of prices by some sites such as Divar, Bama, etc., but in practice we see groups of people to disrupt the market, in a coordinated manner in the pricing of Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.” And disseminate on a large scale, and uninformed customers from everywhere, based on these prices.

He demanded that people never trust the prices on the sites.

Motameni emphasized: ‌When there is no price ceiling on cars, everyone talks and offers a price. For example, yesterday for a Mazda 3 model, there were four different prices from 900 to 980 million Tomans and the difference of 80 million Tomans is very strange.